Attorney General’s office sues far-right groups Proud Boys, Oath Keepers over Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced on Tuesday that his office is suing two far-right groups over their involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Racine’s office is suing both the ​​Proud Boys and Oath Keepers over the attack, alleging both groups were responsible for the violence that left one Capitol Police officer dead.

Racine is seeking millions of dollars in damages from the two groups, alleging both conspired to send members to the city on that day. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C.  Said Racine on Twitter : “Today, we’re holding these insurrectionists accountable for conspiring to terrorize the District by planning, promoting, and participating in the deadly attack on the Capitol. I’m seeking damages in this case and will keep working to ensure such an assault never happens again.”

Racine said the money outlined in the lawsuit would go toward paying for the costs associated with the event, including medical expenses for the more than 140 officers who were injured during the attack, some of whom required extensive medical leave. It would also help cover costs incurred by the Metropolitan Police Department in responding to the attack.

The Justice Department has already filed criminal charges against a number of people who were at the attack. The new lawsuit also accuses both groups of training members and providing them with weapons and tactical equipment ahead of the rally.

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