Megan Thee Stallion celebrates her graduation from Texas Southern University

26-year-old Megan Thee Stallion is a college graduate.  Megan tweeted the news on her big day, saying: “Good morning hotties !!! It’s graduation dayyyy #MeganTheeGraduate.” She later shared a few photos of herself wearing a cap and gown and holding up her Texas Southern University diploma along with the caption, “#MeganTheeGraduate WE DID IT HOTTIES.”

Megan graduated from TSU with a bachelor of science degree in health administration. Before achieving success in the music world, Megan said that she made it priority to get a college degree, a promise she made to her late mom and late grandmother: “I have to finish everything I start. I’m not a quitter. What I’m studying is something I’m genuinely passionate about. My grandmother was a teacher; she definitely always pushes me to finish school. When my mother was still alive, she definitely was pushing me to finish college, so I’m definitely going to do it for those two. But I want to open up the assisted living facilities, like I said, and I just have to see this through, ’cause I really want to see myself accomplish that.”

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