President Biden visits Kentucky to survey damage from deadly tornadoes

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden traveled to Kentucky to survey damage from last week’s deadly tornadoes and offer federal support for the victims. More than 30 tornadoes tore through Kentucky and four other states over the weekend, killing at least 88 people — 74 of them in Kentucky — and leaving many others still unaccounted for. The storms demolished homes and downed power lines as temperatures dropped below freezing in Kentucky earlier this week.

Biden visited Fort Campbell for a storm briefing and Mayfield and Dawson Springs to survey the damage. Biden said during his remarks: “The scope and scale of this destruction is almost beyond belief. These tornadoes devoured everything in their path.” Biden also authorized the government to cover 100% of the state’s costs for the first 30 days for all emergency work and services related to the devastation in Kentucky. Biden said four FEMA search and rescue teams were working in Kentucky, and the agency has provided critical supplies including 61 generators, drinking water, housing and meals.

The president also signed two federal disaster declarations for Kentucky over the weekend, providing federal aid for search and rescue and cleanup operations, as well as aid for temporary housing and to help individuals and businesses recover.

Editorial credit: Melissa Brandes /

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