Morgan Wallen fulfills the remainder of his $500K pledge with $100k donation to the National Museum Of African-American Music in Nashville

Morgan Wallen has fulfilled the remainder of his $500,000 pledge to the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) and other Black-led or owned organizations, by donating $100,000 to the National Museum Of African American Music (“NMAAM”) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tuwisha Rogers-Simpson, vice president of brand and partnerships for NMAAM, confirmed that the museum received Wallen’s donation of $100,000 on behalf of Wallen’s More Than My Hometown Foundation. Rogers-Simpson said she “had the opportunity to tour and share our mission with Morgan as he was eager to learn more in a sincere effort to grow,” adding that the funds donated will go to support education and operational initiatives at the museum.

In September 2021, Wallen’s manager, Seth England, clarified Morgan’s contributions to various Black groups following reports that questioned whether Wallen had followed through with his $500K pledge. England confirmed Wallen’s contributions by providing records and documentation, saying: “$300,000 to BMAC in the names of 20 individuals who had counseled him following the incident when he uttered the N-word during a night of partying. Those individuals were given the option to funnel their respective $15,000 donations to a charity of their choice, or keep the money within BMAC.  $165,000 of the pledged funds to BMAC stayed within the organization, and the remaining $135,000 was distributed to several smaller charities of the individuals’ choice.”  Young People’s Chorus of New York City, Teen Dream Center, Beatrice W. Welters Breast Health Outreach & Navigation Program, Right Hand Foundation were among the smaller charities that the 20 individuals chose to donate to.

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