Bicyclist falls to her death from rising Florida drawbridge in Palm Beach, Florida

Officials confirm that a bicyclist fell to her death when a drawbridge connecting Palm Beach to the Florida mainland began rising before she could reach the other side. The woman was walking her bicycle toward West Palm Beach on Sunday afternoon and was within 10 feet (3 meters) of the barrier arms that halt traffic when the drawbridge started to move, police told news outlets. A bystander tried to pull her to safety but lost his grip. The woman’s name has not been released; the bridge was closed for more than six hours after the accident.

West Palm Beach police spokesperson Mike Jachles said: “The woman tried to hang on. There was a bystander nearby who tried to help her, but tragically she fell five or six stories below where she died landing on concrete.”  The Florida Department of Transportation maintains the bridge, but the bridge tenders are staffed by a private state contractor.  Why the bridge tender began raising the span before it was cleared of pedestrians will be a focus of the investigation, Jachles said.

The bridge is equipped with bells and whistles to alert drivers and pedestrians that the drawbridge is going up. Bicycle safety advocate Juan Orellana said: “Palm Beach is accessible only through three bridges and this is the main bridge, so it’s very used by cyclists. For one thing you will hear the bell before the arms go down, so when you hear the bell you gotta get out of the way before the bridge goes up.” 

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