Jan. 6 House select committee discovers gaps in White House call logs

The Jan. 6th House select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol stated there are gaps in the phone logs provided by the White House on the day of the riot.

Those familiar with the probe said on Thursday that the phone records show no entries of calls to, or from, former President Donald Trump via the White House switchboard despite numerous reports he spoke to lawmakers in the house after the beginning of the attack.  Records also do not indicate there was any tampering with the call logs; it is widely known that Trump often used his personal cellphone, or those belonging to his aides, to make and receive such calls. Sources said the logs show no phone calls for multiple hours after Trump returned to the Oval Office after he gave a speech on the 2020 presidential election at the Ellipse. Supporters who attended the speech marched from the park near the White House to the U.S. Capitol, where they attempted to interrupt Congress’ certification of the electoral votes.

The gaps in call  logs comes on the heels of scrutiny Trump is facing for allegedly violating the Presidential Records Act by ripping up paper records during his time in office. The National Archives and Records Administration confirmed last month that some of the records turned over to the Jan. 6 committee had been torn and taped back together. Some records that had been torn and not reconstructed were also presented to lawmakers.

Editorial credit: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock.com

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